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Making NPC’s more human, not god like.

Renowned Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and Investor Michael Puscar joins NPCx, Inc. as Chief Technical Officer

  • Puscar has three prior exits and multiple patents in AI applications 
  • NPCx develops artificial intelligence technology for video games, the Metaverse, film and XR
  • Puscar will lead the company’s artificial intelligence group

Estero, Florida (Wire Services).

NPCx, Inc. a pioneering hi-tech startup that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to create ultra realistic 3D animation assets, announced today that renowned data scientist and serial entrepreneur Michael Puscar has agreed to join the company as Chief Technical Officer.

Puscar is a veteran data scientist with multiple patents and more than 25 years of experience with computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning technologies. As an entrepreneur, he has created and sold three successful technology companies since 2013.

“We are thrilled that Michael has accepted the CTO role at NPCx, which is really the highest vote of confidence in our business model and strategy,” said Cameron Madani, CEO and co-founder of NPCx. “Michael has a tremendous amount of experience in product development, and he will be leading our product roadmap and technical vision.”

NPCx is disrupting video games and film through the use of artificial intelligence technology. The company’s proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to create 3D animation assets at a speed and quality that are unheard of in the video game industry. In addition to their existing products, NPCx plans to develop a number of groundbreaking technologies for video games, the Metaverse, film and XR production. The aim of these products is to save video game and film companies thousands of hours and millions of dollars for each project or title.

“We are living in extraordinary times”, said Michael Puscar. “AI technology is disrupting every industry on the planet. But in this particular vertical, video games and 3D animation, the potential impact is profound. NPCx has a chance to shape the Metaverse and forever change how we make and play video games.”

NPCx plans to launch three products, TrackerX, FacialX and AIMX, in 2022. This will be followed by a new line of next generation products that address real time artificial intelligence in video games through the use of behavioral cloning techniques.

About NPCx

The NPCx deep learning platform is unlike any other artificial intelligence (AI) engine on the market. Rather than trying to build a god-like AI NPCs to dominate the game, its proprietary engine uses state-of-the-art behavioral algorithms, resulting in an immersive world filled with NPCs that act in every way like other human game players.