Video Game AI hasn’t changed much since PACMAN!

NPCx firmly believes the next big revolution in creating entertainment will be AI driven. That’s why we are pioneering the use of AI and Machine Learning to change the way entertainment is made.



“Real” Video Game AI

NPCx’s proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms work together with any major game engine, including Unreal and Unity to truly implement AI-Driven Characters. NPCx’s neural networks learn and grow with games under development or can be added on top of existing titles to provide older titles, significantly improved Non-Player Character AI capabilities.




With NPCx’s dynamic XR focused technology, developers can create richer and more powerful interactive experiences using Neural Networks to provide more life-like characters and visual encounters.



Art/Animation Pipeline

NPCx uses Neural Networks to increase the amount and quality of art and animation through Neural Network-based animation systems, rig to rig animation mapping, AI-powered photogrammetry processing, motion capture data processing and dynamic content generation systems.


Specialized Services

NPCx offers customized AI solutions for developers, VFX supervisors and film producers, including consulting, fixed engagement, engineering support and purpose-built tool development.