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Our Journey

Cameron Madani met Michael Puscar in 2020 at the height of a global pandemic. At the time Cameron, a veteran of the video game industry who has developed award-winning video games, was the founder and CEO of Motion Burner, a world-class animation and motion capture services company. Cameron knew that there must be a better way to overcome the tedious work necessary in motion capture data cleanup, and he pitched his idea to Michael.

Michael, a serial entrepreneur and technologist with a deep background in artificial intelligence, quickly recognized Cameron's industry challenges as similar to those he had seen in other industries, and proposed automation of the manual labor through neural networks and AI. This revelation marked the birth of NPCx, with a mission to revolutionize the video game and film industries through the use of artificial intelligence.

In 2022, the founding team expanded with the addition of Alberto Menache, a renowned technologist and motion capture specialist. Alberto, often referred to as the "father of motion capture", brought with him a wealth of experience, having tackled formidable technical challenges in the Avatar film series for Lightstorm Entertainment and James Cameron.

NPCx's first triumph came in March 2023 with the launch of TrackerX. The product received immediate industry acclaim, transforming what once was an 8-hour task into a 10-minute process, with a high level of precision. This breakthrough was just the beginning for NPCx.

Looking ahead, NPCx's roadmap is brimming with innovative solutions. From enhancing in-game NPC personalities to employing neural networks for more lifelike character movement, the possibilities are boundless. The company's potential was recognized through a $540,000 funding on the Republic crowdfunding platform and a seed round investment led by Kakao Investments in South Korea in mid-2023.