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NPCx Secures Seed Round Led By Kakao Investment

The gaming tech startup, focused on improving non-player characters (NPCs), will use the investment to create more realistic character movements with their AI-powered products.

Kakao Investments and NPCxST. PETERSBURG, FL, August 29, 2023 – NPCx, a pioneering startup using AI to revolutionize the creation and animation of non-player characters (NPCs), today announced that it has secured the lead investor in the company’s $3M seed round investment. Kakao Investment Co Ltd’s funding strengthens NPCx’s position in the gaming and entertainment industry.

In March 2023, NPCx launched its flagship product, TrackerX, a state-of-the-art motion capture processing tool. TrackerX disrupts the costly manual process of tracking the raw 3D point cloud data, by allowing for any type of optical or sensor-based motion capture system files to be put straight onto the TrackerX character skeleton.

“TrackerX disrupts this costly manual process that’s been around for nearly thirty years by cleaning raw motion capture with AI and proprietary biomechanical models, saving companies thousands of labor hours and significant financial resources per project,” said Cameron Madani, CEO of NPCx.

The seed round funding will fuel the development of NPCx’s future-focused product, BehaviorX. This unique technology enhances gaming experiences by capturing and employing real-time data from players to create lifelike behavioral clones in NPCs.

Additionally, as part of the company’s trajectory, NPCx will launch two new products: RetargetX and AIMX. These products will use neural networks to retarget motion capture animation and predict the next animation frame, resulting in smoother, more realistic character movements.

Before securing this investment from Kakao Investment, NPCx successfully raised over $540,000 on the crowdfunding platform Republic. This achievement attests to NPCx’s potential and the public’s interest in the application of AI in gaming.

“We are honored to have Kakao Investment lead our seed round. As a prominent startup investor in Asia, securing Kakao Investment’s investment during these challenging times in the capital markets is a tremendous vote of confidence in our team, technology, and product roadmap. This partnership marks a significant milestone for NPCx and will greatly expedite the development of our AI-powered products that will revolutionize the industry.” said Madani.

About NPCx

NPCx is an innovative startup dedicated to transforming the gaming and entertainment industry, including film, XR and the metaverse, by utilizing artificial intelligence to create more lifelike non-player characters (NPCs). NPCx’s suite of products, including TrackerX, RetargetX, AIMX and BehaviorX, are set to disrupt traditional character creation and animation processes, offering more realistic and engaging experiences for users.

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